Mt ABU - M1 & M2 Mirror blank delivery at AMOS

Mt ABU - M1 & M2 Mirror blank delivery at AMOS

AMOS passed an important milestone in the Mount Abu telescope project. This project, started last year, consists in the building of a brand-new optical telescope for India. The telescope will have an active primary mirror of 2.5m in diameter. AMOS is in charge of the whole project, including the polishing of the telescope mirrors.



On May 15th, the blanks for the primary and secondary mirrors were delivered by SCHOTT.
The two blanks, respectively of diameter 2560 and 820 mm, are in perfect conditions.



This is an important day for the project as it marks the beginning of the polishing activity of the primary mirror. Polishing a mirror is a delicate operation that takes time. On telescopes with an active primary mirror, the blank is thinner than on older telescopes, making it more challenging to polish as the mirror can deform itself under its own weight.

When polished the mirror will be placed in a specific active mirror cell which will support the mirror in 42 points using actuators which can be controlled to maintain the mirror in the right shape.


From left to right:
Evelyne Le Page, Key account Manager - SCHOTT France
Olivier Pirnay, Project manager Mt ABU – AMOS
Marcel Cola, Optical production manager – AMOS
Christoph Schönbach, Project engineer, SCHOTT Mainz
Finn Ratz, QA engineer – SCHOT Mainz
Daniel Vasseur, Managing director, SCHOTT France