OAJ T250 Optical Quality Confirmed

OAJ T250 Optical Quality Confirmed

J-PAS Pathfinder confirms the optical quality of the JST/T250!

AMOS’ mission is to have astronomers satisfied. And we are proud to relay this press release from CEFCA about the 2.5m wide field telescope that AMOS delivered in 2015. The tests during commissioning of the telescope already proved the quality of the instrument. Now, the coupling with the scientific camera shows that system-wide, the whole system will be able to meet the science goals given by the CEFCA team.

The original press release can be found here: http://www.cefca.es/noticias/mostrar/142

As the press release is in Spanish, we provide here an English translation:
The J-PAS Pathfinder camera installed in the Javalambre Survey Telescope (JST / T250) has been able to obtain high-resolution images, close to the system capacity limit, in just two weeks of operation. The quality of the images shows the excellent performances of the JST / T250 telescope and the camera, as well as the magnificent conditions of the Vulture Peak for observation.

After the first light of the Pathfinder on February 20th, work began on the instrument development in the JST / T250 telescope by the engineering team and the group of night observations of CEFCA.

Within a few days, the work team was able to obtain images that reach a PSFs (Point Spread Function) of ~ 0.4" in terms of image quality, demonstrating the good performances of the instrumentation and its ability to carry out first-level observations.

The images were taken during the night of March 8th, focusing on the field in which the M51 galaxy is located. They were obtained by taking a sequence of 10s-exposure images without filter under conditions of good seeing. They revealed details of the structure of the galaxy with a high degree of clarity. This reflects the magnitude of the quality of the data that can reach the system, even in this set-up phase.

The J-PAS Pathfinder camera is the first scientific instrument of the JST / T250 telescope with which the mechanical parts of the interface between the telescope and the definitive scientific chamber, JPCam, are being commissioned. It is an instrument designed by the CEFCA and members of the scientific collaboration J-PAS, and whose assembly, set-up and verification has been made entirely by the CEFCA.

More information of the T250 telescope delivered by AMOS can be found here: http://www.cefca.es/news/telescopes