Auxiliary Telescope Systems

Auxiliary Telescope Systems

 Auxiliary Telescope Systems

AMOS was responsible for the design, procurement, manufacturing, assembly, factory testing and packing of the four mobile Auxiliary Telescope Systems for the ESO VLT Project, located on the Cerro Paranal in Chile.

The system is composed of:

  • Complete telescope (fork, tube, …) with all the optics (M1 to M11);
  • Transporter and service modules;
  • Enclosure;
  • Electronics;
  • Site equipment (stations and rails).


  • Moving Telescope of the 2m class including 11 mirrors:
  • Global image quality: 90 nm RMS wavefront error without focus.
  • M1:
    • Diameter: 1.87m
    • Aperture: f/1.5
    • Lightweight ~ 60%
    • ~ 40nm RMS WFE for every altitude angle between 30° and zenith
  • Optical path length variation under operational loads better than 30nm RMS in the visible range.
  • Pointing accuracy better than 1 arcsec RMS on the sky for the whole azimuth (360°) and altitude (60°) ranges.
  • Direct drive axes
  • Able to be relocated in thirty stations on the Paranal site with a repeatability of  0.1mm and  10 arcsec thanks to a fully autonomous “transporter”.
  • Thermally-conditioned during day for minimizing mirror and dome seeing effects.

The complete system is mobile (on a rail network) in order to allow several configurations of the four telescopes, working together in interferometric mode. The lights are combined through underground tunnels, and could also be combined with the light beams from the four main VLT Units.


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