Javalambre Observatory Telescopes - OAJ

Coocperation with TORRESCAMARA

AMOS with its Spanish partner, Torrescamara, realized the construction of the new Javalambre Astronomical Observatory, near Teruel, Spain.

For Amos, the supply consisted of two telescopes. The largest one has a very wide field of observation (3°) and include a primary mirror of 2.6 m diameter. It weighs 40 T, for a height of 6.5 m and an outer diameter of 5 m. It was designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in AMOS premises and was delivered to CEFCA (Center for the Study of Physics of the Cosmos of Aragon) in Teruel Aragon in the course of 2013. The primary mirror was also polished in AMOS. A smaller second telescope, with a primary mirror of 80 cm diameter, was also delivered.

The Spanish company Torrescamara, located in Valencia, was on its side responsible for civil engineering, control center dedicated to astronomers as well as for buildings and for domes housing the scientific equipment.


The 2.5m OAJ telescope was also equipped with an instrument rotator at its back.

Customer : CEFCA



 ON FOCUS - Diamond Turning

Advanced Mechanical and Optical Systems (AMOS) manufactures small optical pieces by diamond turning mainly for infrared applications but also, after post polishing, for visible or ultraviolet. Concave or convex mirrors up to 500mm can be machined with extreme asphericities....


The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter has returned the first images of the Red Planet

The Exomars probe is now in orbit around Mars and took its first photos "up close" with the CASSIS instrument. More info : click here


AMOS and Airbus Defence and Space deepen their collaboration in the frame of the METimage mission


Giant Magellan Telescope

 AMOS selected as major subcontractor to design the structure of the Giant Magellan Telescope.