UT Fork

UT Fork


AMOS has studied the fork of the 8 m unit telescope of Paranal for the European Southern Observatory.

The aims of the study were:

  • to provide a rigid interface (Eigen frequency as high as possible) between the base and the tube;
  • to reduce the level of the altitude axis;
  • to bring the total weight of the telescope unit to a minimum.

The AMOS study arrived at the following values:

  • mass of the fork: 87 t (150 t less than a classical solution)
  • first Eigen frequency at 9 Hz
  • level of the altitude axis: 6.7 m above the base level

These characteristics were obtained with a double concentric circular azimuth track.

Overall fork dimensions:

  • Length: 24 m
  • Width: 8.1 m
  • Height (bearings included): 8.25 m


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