Space instrumentation - GERB

Space instrumentation - GERB

 Space instrumentation

GERB Telescope
AMOS realized the design and AIV of the GERB (Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget) experiment Telescope that is currently flying on board MSG (Meteosat Second Generation) satellite since August 2002.

  • Full aluminium : weight 1.640 kg
  • Dimensions : 180 x 135 x 150 mm
  • Entrance aperture stop : size 20.6 mm x 20.6 mm (f-number : f/2)
  • Field-of-view : 18° x 0.28°


 ON FOCUS - Diamond Turning

Advanced Mechanical and Optical Systems (AMOS) manufactures small optical pieces by diamond turning mainly for infrared applications but also, after post polishing, for visible or ultraviolet. Concave or convex mirrors up to 500mm can be machined with extreme asphericities....


The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter has returned the first images of the Red Planet

The Exomars probe is now in orbit around Mars and took its first photos "up close" with the CASSIS instrument. More info : click here


AMOS and Airbus Defence and Space deepen their collaboration in the frame of the METimage mission


Giant Magellan Telescope

 AMOS selected as major subcontractor to design the structure of the Giant Magellan Telescope.