Space instrumentation - RAMSES

Space instrumentation - RAMSES

Space instrumentation

RAMSES was a space hardware devoted to the purification of biological macro molecules by continuous flow zone electrophoresis under microgravity.

AMOS was responsible for the design, calculation and supply of the ESU (Electrophoretic Separation Unit) of the Ramses experience (1 demonstration and 2 flight models).
Weight of the structure realized by AMOS for ESU : 33 kg
First Eigen frequency : 135 Hz
Total weight of the ESU : 145 kg
Equipment designed, calculated, machined and assembled in the AMOS clean room, according to NASA specifications for manned space flights (launch scheduled in 1994 by space shuttle : mission IML 2).

European partners :

  • MATRA (France)
  • ROUSSEL UCLAF (France)
  • IKERLAND (Spain)
  • ESCLAT (Spain)
  • EPE (Spain)
  • IAL SPACE (Belgium)
  • EUROGENTEC (Belgium)

For the same project AMOS was also responsible for the study and the realization of the electrophoresis cell in MAKROLON which is the core of the equipment.
AMOS realized: 3 cells for MATRA (1 demonstration and 2 flight models), 1 cell for ROUSSEL UCLAF and 1 for EUROGENTEC.
The sample to purify is continuously injected into a vector fluid circulating from one edge of a separation chamber (300 x 41 x 3mm) to the other. An electric field, perpendicularly applied to the direction of the liquid flows, allows one to separate the components of the injected mixture because of their different electrophoretic mobility.
After separation the various components are collected at the end of the chamber by 40 outlets.


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