Test bench for VINCI (ARIANE V)

Test bench for VINCI (ARIANE V)
Simplified Altitude Simulation vessel

AMOS has been responsible for the design, computation, production and installation of a Simplified altitude Simulation (SAS) package intended for the VINCI engine tests.
The simulation reconstitute at ground level the flight conditions normally found at the altitude where the Ariane 5 launcher cryogenic engine is ignited.
This test bench is located on the Snecma Rocket Engines test site, at Vernon (France).
The SAS is intended to work in a highly explosive environment (liquid and gaseous hydrogen and oxygen present).

The SAS assembly mainly comprised of the following items:

  • a double-walled caisson for water cooling circuit,
  • a mobile plug, which opens automatically a few millisecond after motor ignition,
  • a cooling assembly,
  • a duct for connection to the ejector,
  • an engine ignition viewing system
  • a set of measuring instruments,
  • a control and monitoring system assembly
  •  …

Customer : SNECMA F


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