VBQC (Vacuum Balance Quartz Contamination) SYSTEM

VBQC (Vacuum Balance Quartz Contamination) SYSTEM
In the past the space environment and the contamination has caused degradation of thermo-optical properties of external spacecraft surfaces, resulting in malfunctions in on-board equipment.
The problems can be prevented by a critical review of material characteristic.
The new outgassing system proposed will enable the QM-division of ESTEC to comply with the required ASTM E1559 procedure and to perform the tests.
This facility is composed of two vacuum chambers, namely sample and QCM compartment, separated with a valve.

The sample compartment is foreseen to heat the sample. The sample is hanging on an "electronic" microbalance. This balance is fitted on top of this compartment.

The sample is temperature controlled through radiative heat transfer using a shroud mounted inside this compartment. On the left side, a door with a manual opening and closing system is used to introduce the sample inside the chamber.

The second compartment contains the temperature controlled QCM’s used for condensation measurements.
On the bottom flange a turbo pump is clamped. On the right flange the thermal QCM plate is mounted. On this plate the three QCM’s are located.


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