Diamond Turning

AMOS uses diamond turning to manufacture small optical pieces for infrared applications and also, with post-polishing, for visible or ultraviolet. The company produces concave and convex mirrors up to 500 mm diameter with extreme asphericities, also off-axis devices and freeform surfaces.

Recently AMOS turned a large Fresnel lens of over 2 m diameter, sector by sector. The company also produces echelle gratings up to 300 mm long with as many as up to 100 grooves per mm and a precise blaze angle.

 ON FOCUS - Diamond Turning

Advanced Mechanical and Optical Systems (AMOS) manufactures small optical pieces by diamond turning mainly for infrared applications but also, after post polishing, for visible or ultraviolet. Concave or convex mirrors up to 500mm can be machined with extreme asphericities....
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 AMOS SIGNE DEUX ACCORDS DANS LE SPATIAL EN CHINE Pendant la visite d’État du roi Philippe en Chine cette semaine, AMOS a signé avec des acteurs majeurs du secteur spatial...

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AMOS News 2015 - Part 1

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AMOS News 2015 - Part 2

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