AMOS in a few words...

Founded in 1983, AMOS – Advanced Mechanical and Optical Systems – brings together the technical expertise of the ‘Ateliers de la Meuse’ engineering company and the optical know-how of the Astrophysics Institute of the University of Liege.

Its team of 80 employees is specialised in the design and manufacture of very-high-accuracy optomechanical systems for the space industry and for professional astronomy.

AMOS is active in three main areas:

• Professional astronomy systems: telescopes, components and instrumentation for many of the world’s largest observatories.

• Space systems: on-board installations for satellites, probes and space shuttles – telescopes, mirrors, mounts, frameworks and mechanisms.

• Terrestrial satellite test equipment to validate satellites or payloads under space conditions prior to launch: vacuum chambers, thermal panels and ‘artificial stars’ (collimators).

 ON FOCUS - Diamond Turning

Advanced Mechanical and Optical Systems (AMOS) manufactures small optical pieces by diamond turning mainly for infrared applications but also, after post polishing, for visible or ultraviolet. Concave or convex mirrors up to 500mm can be machined with extreme asphericities....


Press release - Sentinel 2B - March 2017

Sentinel 2B: Belgian know-how soon in orbit to protect and serve the people  


Really sharp

 « Really Sharp » are the first words that came up after viewing the first pictures !


Press Release - Juno - Sept 2016

Juno spacecraft: AMOS’ mirrors in orbit around Jupiter