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April 15, 2024 – Aerospacelab, a rapidly growing satellite manufacturer announced today it completed the acquisition of AMOS, a leading company known for its opto-mechanical systems widely used in astronomy, space and other industries. Marking a significant milestone for the two aerospace companies, jointly entering a new era in advanced space technologies and opening new markets respectively.

“This strategic acquisition represents a pivotal moment for both organizations as we combine our expertise, resources, and talents to accelerate technological advancements in satellite manufacturing and deployment,” said Benoit Deper, CEO of Aerospacelab. “Together, we aim to foster a culture of innovation that will drive the development of cutting-edge space technologies, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry. By leveraging the talent and resources of the AMOS team alongside Aerospacelab’s extensive products portfolio including turnkey satellites, satellite platforms, avionics and subsystems, the ultimate objective is to establish a path towards efficient and affordable access to space.”

“This new chapter of growth and innovation reaffirms our commitment to adaptability and embracing change in order to thrive in the dynamic business landscape,” added Damien Kaivers, CEO of AMOS. “We bring forty years of deep expertise in a wide variety of critical optical technologies for space and ground applications. Together, we will explore clear synergies to craft innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs and continue to strengthen the legacy business of AMOS such as professional astronomy, institutional space and test facilities.”

With a unique approach to vertical integration, this acquisition will reinforce Aerospacelab and AMOS’ market reach and product offerings throughout the access to a wider range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers across various sectors including telecommunications, Earth Observation, navigation, astronomy, scientific research and industry.

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About Aerospacelab
Founded in 2018, Aerospacelab is an emerging figure in the aerospace sector, showcasing a remarkable achievement of 8 satellites successfully deployed in orbit. We pride ourselves on our dedication to vertical integration and TRL9 implementation, solidifying our commitment to driving innovation in the space industry.

With our operations strategically placed in various locations, including the US, Aerospacelab remains steadfast in its mission to deliver pioneering solutions for our diverse customer community.

About AMOS
For over 40 years, AMOS has been designing and building solutions in the fields of professional astronomy, space-based Earth Observation and scientific exploration, test systems and opto-mechanical solutions for laboratories and industry. Its main achievements are professional telescopes, space optical instruments, test equipment for space sensors, thermal-vacuum chambers, complex optomechanical and high-precision mechanical ground support equipment. It employs today about 100 employees highly skilled in advanced technologies.

The company has a worldwide reputation for its professional telescopes, its optics manufacturing capabilities, and the performance of its optical systems. Next to its large customer base in Europe, United States, India or Chile, AMOS continues to expand its activities in other geographies such as Turkey to only name a few.

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Published on 15.04.2024
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