Telescope technologies

AMOS is expert in all technologies needed to build a solar or night sky telescope. Besides turn-key systems, AMOS delivers telescope subsystems for the largest telescopes in the world.


Optical systems

AMOS masters the integration of optics into a system allowing to reach a predetermined goal. Optimizing optics, mechanics, thermal properties of material into a unique well-controlled system is our core know-how.

Optical instruments

Imagers, spectrometers, hyperspectral instruments and OGSEs for earth observation or for astronomy.


AMOS figures and polishes all types of mirrors for high-end applications. Glass mirrors, Aliminium mirrors, Silicon carbide mirrors, coating, lenses, gratings, …


Using the latest advances in diamond turning, AMOS is amongst the few to manufacture space-grade gratings for spectrometers.

Thermal-vacuum chambers

AMOS masters the design and manufacture of vacuum chambers and thermal-vacuum chambers.

High-precision mechanical assemblies

Mechanics is a core skill of AMOS. It is used to build various large and small electro-mechanical assemblies.