Technologies Thermal-vacuum chambers

AMOS masters the design and manufacture of vacuum chambers and thermal-vacuum chambers.

Vacuum chambers, space simulators, thermal-vacuum chambers

Space simulators are used to test space hardware with the pressure and temperature encountered in space.

Vacuum chambers are also used for scientific applications (particule accelerators for example) or industrial applications.

Chamber sizes range from 50 cm up to 13m long and 9m in diameter.
Temperatures can be as low as 1K using liquid Helium, or rise up to 150°C.
The chambers can also be equipped with solar simulators, optical benches or mechanical fixtures.

Horizontal space simulators

Horizontal space simulators are commonly used to test space payloads or instruments in space-like conditions. They are like horizontal cylinder, with a vertical door at one or two ends.

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Vertical space simulators

Vertical space simulators are vertical cylindrical chambers, with a door on the top to lower down payload for testing. Hatches on the side may also allow access. Those are used when the room floor space is limited and not allowing a lot of free space around the chamber.

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Sun simulators

A sun simulator is a space simulator with a system emulating the sun illumination on a payload. It is typically composed by a set of very powerful lamps, a large collimating mirror (or set of) so that the payload receives parallel light rays with a spectrum and intensity similar to those of the sun.

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Chambers for industrial production

A lot of industries need vacuum chambers for some steps of their process. AMOS designed and built several chambers aimed at the industry. It also built vacuum chambers for the line production of metal sheets, where vacuum had to be maintained while a metal sheet was continuously entering and exiting the chamber.

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Thermal shrouds

AMOS is equipped to design and manufacture thermal shrouds for the heating or for the cooling of a chamber or a payload. AMOS’ shrouds are based on copper tubes brazed on metal sheets. The manufacturing techniques guarantee a high level of flatness and a fine panel temperature control.

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