Technologies Optical instruments

Imagers, spectrometers, hyperspectral instruments and OGSEs for earth observation or for astronomy.

AMOS integrates complete earth observation instruments for small and medium-size satellites. It also develops instruments for ground atsronomical telescopes. And develops systems to test those instruments before they are deployed. Those systems are called Optical Ground Support Equipment.

Hyperspectral instruments

AMOS now offers optical instruments for earth observation. Those are mostly focused on hyperspectral imaging. The combination of free-from mirrors, curved gratings, high-precision slits and their integration into a compact design enables AMOS to propose cutting-edge instruments for high-resolution (spectral and spatial) imaging.

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Optical Ground Support Equipment - OGSE

Optical Ground Support equipment are used to test optical payloads before or after integration in the space platform. By extension, they can be used for any optical measurement in a science laboratory. OGSE are ground equipment but they can be highly complex as their precision shall be equal or larger than the quality of the instrument they have to measure.

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Collimators allow an instrument to see an image or a light source at a user-defined distance, usually far larger than the size of the test setup. Collimators are actually a kind of inverted telescope. AMOS designs and manufactures collimators for use under room conditions, vacuum and/or cryogenic temperatures.

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Optical flats with gimbals

Optical labs need to fold optical beams in order to bring them to the right location, or simply because the laboratory is not large enough to accommodate a straight beam. For such purposes, AMOS provides high-quality optical flats of any size, mounted on fixed or motorized gimbals.

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