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AMOS figures and polishes all types of mirrors for high-end applications. Glass mirrors, Aluminium mirrors, Silicon carbide mirrors, coating, lenses, gratings, …

High precision custom mirrors
according to your specifications

AMOS polishes mirrors in all kind of material down to a few nanometers RMS and with surface roughness down to a few tenth of nanometers. Shapes varies from on-axis to off-axis aspherical mirrors.

Delivery encompasses a fully finished and tested mirror, coated if requested. On request, mirror design and lightweigthing is also performed.

Typical applications are space laboratories, earth observation, scientific instruments and laser-based systems, with operational wavelength in IR, visible or UV.

Typical mirrors are:

  • Glass-ceramic mirrors: for telescope, test benches of space telescopes
  • Aluminium mirrors: mostly used for space missions thanks to its light weight. AMOS can propose free form mirrors for compact designs.
  • Silicon carbide mirrors: hard material mostly used for space applications
  • Other mirrors: various substrates are supported (Silicon, CaF2, ZnS, etc). Please contact us for feasibility information.
  • Coating
  • Lenses

glass Mirrors

Hi-precision polishing and lightweighting of glass mirrors (Zerodur, Astrocittal, etc) from a few centimeters in diameter up to 2.6m.

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aluminium mirrors

High-precision figuring and polishing of aluminum (and other materials) mirrors using diamond turning machines. Extreme asphericities or freefrom mirrors are supported.

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silicon carbide mirrors

AMOS developed the expertise of polishing Silicon Carbide mirrors, mostly for space application. Silicon Carbide is a very light and very strong material, well-suited for large mirrors.

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other mirrors

Specific applications require mirrors in other materials like CaF2, ZnSe, Beryllium (coated), Germanium, etc. Feel free to contact us if you are considering such mirror types.

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AMOS aims at delivering a fully functional mirror. AMOS’ services also include mirror coating and eventual design of that coating to meet your specification.

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Are you looking for specific or complex lenses that traditional manufacturers cannot polish?  AMOS can provide you with a solution. Example are silicon lenses for IR optics.

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