Technologies High-precision mechanical assemblies

Mechanics is a core skill of AMOS. It is used to build various large and small electro-mechanical assemblies.

Mechanical assemblies

Those are used for lifting, manipulating, moving, integrating delicate payloads or measurement probes. Included here are auxiliary equipment for telescopes, Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE) or structural metallic assemblies for scientific or industrial installations.

MGSE for space

Mechanical Ground Support Equipment are static or dynamic mechanical systems to help integration of an instrument or a space system. They need to be precise, highly reliable and sometimes meeting very tight constraints of weight, size and dynamic response.

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Mirror handling systems

Large mirrors manufacturing often implies the realization of tools and handling system to support, carry, lift or turn fragile mirrors. AMOS masters that know-how and can use it to provide the right equipment to handle your mirrors safely.

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High-precision support structures

AMOS is equipped with highly skilled mechanical workers and welders who can work together to assemble metallic structures with a very high precision and reliability. Welds are controlled and measured for their quality and, if needed, for absence of leaks. Structures can be static or mobile, motorized or not.

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Assembly lines

Upon specific requests, AMOS also works on part of production or assembly lines for industry. Feel free to contact us with specific needs in that field.  We will be glad to explore and provide you with a convincing solution

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