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AMOS is expert in all technologies needed to build a solar or night sky telescope. Besides turn-key systems, AMOS delivers telescope subsystems for the largest telescopes in the world.


All you need for professional telescopes

AMOS is a leader for the design and manufacturing of telescope mirror cells in the range of 1.8m to 4m diameter mirrors. As can be seen in the references below, AMOS build cells for various telescopes or collimators, both active and passive cells. In case of ATST (DKIST) telescope, the cell is also thermally controlled as it is for a solar telescope.

Turn-key telescope systems

AMOS designs, manufactures, installs on-site and commissions telescopes of all sizes in various parts of the world. Telescopes are optimized for your science objectives.

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Active and passive mirror cells

Telescope mirrors need to be supported in a proper way to avoid any deformation of the optical surface. AMOS masters the design and manufacture of mirror cells, being passive (for thick mirrors) or active (for thin mirrors). The cells can be coupled to a thermal system keeping the mirror at constant temperature.

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Telescope mounts and substructures

AMOS designs and manufactures telescope mounts or mechanical subassemblies for large telescope. Our deep expertise in high-precision mechanics and in telescope environmental constraints make our mounts, fork or other subsystems a reliable part of high-end telescopes.

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Solar telescopes

Solar telescopes are telescopes designed to look at the sun. They need to dissipate heat, to suppress straylight, manage thermal dilatation and be optimized for sun observations. AMOS masters all those aspects and is leader for the manufacture of solar telescopes.

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Adaptive optics

The largest telescopes are being equipped with adaptive optics systems. AMOS now proposes to its customers an adaptive optics system to integrate on their medium-size telescopes.

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AMOS designsand delivers adaptors and rotators for large 4m and 8m telescopes. Besides pure rotation, AMOS can also integrate guiding units, sensor arms and other sensor elements in the rotator/adaptor in order to guide the telescope.

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High-precision pointing and tracking

AMOS telescopes are used for world-class astronomy. They are equipped with pointing and tracking system that combine precise open-loop positioning with efficient close-loop tracking. This ensure that the optical telescope quality is not detrimentally impacted by tracking issues.

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Pick-off mirrors, arms and systems

As expert in opto-mechanical systems, AMOS can design, manufacture and integrate the fine optics and mechanics needed to pick with a high fidelity part of the optical beam and bring it to the relevant sensors. Arms carrying those can be motorized to pick selectivity a well-chosen part of the beam.

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Cable wraps

AMOS designs and manufactures custom-made cable wraps for various purposes. Those wraps are optimized to limit the dynamic load of the underlying system.

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Focal plane assemblies

At the focal plane of a telescope or other imaging instruments, opto-mechanical systems are needed to maintain the detector at the right location under all circumstances. Those specific subassemblies can sometimes be quite complex.

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