Technologies Optical systems

AMOS masters the integration of optics into a system allowing to reach a predetermined goal. Optimizing optics, mechanics, thermal properties of material into a unique well-controlled system is our core know-how.

AMOS takes the complete responsibility of optical subsystems for major space missions

We combined our deep optical and high-precision mechanical skills to provide performant opto-mechanical systems.

Three-mirror Anastigmat (TMA)

Performant TMAs to convert the incoming light beam in a beam shaped for the targeted detector or instrument. All shapes supported, including freeform optics.

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Space telescopes

Most optical space instruments need a telescope to convey the light of the observed scene towards the detector while shaping it with the right characteristics. Such optical systems are often similar to a telescope, with mirrors, lenses, structural elements and baffles.

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Optical bench

Optical benches are opto-mechanical systems used to perform an optical function. They integrate optical and mechanical components on a plate and are often used for complex instruments or for test purposes.

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Test bed

Optical test systems are needed to validate and qualify optical instruments. Those test beds are setups allowing the measurement of the optical properties of the instrument in various configurations or environment.

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Optical subsystem

Complex instruments are often split into subsystems, each one analysed, designed and built by a different company. AMOS is used to take the complete responsibility of optical subsystems for major space missions.

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