Technologies Gratings

Using the latest advances in diamond turning, AMOS is amongst the few to manufacture space-grade gratings for spectrometers.

Diamond turning techniques

AMOS polishes the substrate then engraves the gratings using diamond turning techniques. This also enables a wide range of gratings.

Diamond turning technique allows to manufacture small optical pieces for infrared applications and also, with post-polishing, for visible or ultraviolet. We produce concave and convex mirrors up to 500 mm diameter with extreme asphericities, also off-axis devices and freeform surfaces.

flat gratings

Groove density up to 120/mm. Various sizes and materials.

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curved gratings

Curved gratings can make spectrometers more compact as they fulfil a dual optical function.

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free-form gratings

Free-form gratings are important in very compact spectrometers, because they can correct at the pupil other components aberrations, while performing the actual grating role. AMOS is amongst the few in Europe able to produce freeform multi-blazed gratings.

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Multi-blazed gratings

The grating blaze is the angle of the side of the groves in a grating. Simple gratings all have identical symmetric grooves. With multi-blaze gratings, the angle of the groove can be different for each groove or even each face of a groove, allowing the manufacturing of very performant wideband gratings.

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