Applications Professional Astronomy Systems

AMOS designs and builds high-end world-class astronomical telescopes for professional astronomy, sub-systems for the largest telescopes in the world or for their instruments.

The coupling of our optical expertise with our mechanical skills positions us as a reference for the design and manufacture of world-class telescopes.

Turnkey telescopes

Telescopes for night observations, solar telescopes, tracking or monitoring telescopes. Telescopes are designed, built, integrated and tested in-house before shipping and installation on-site.

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Telescope subsystems

AMOS provides opto-mechanical subsystems like rotators, mirror assemblies, active or passive mirror cells, mounts for world-class telescopes. AMOS also builds auxiliary equipment like mirror handling systems or washing machines.

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Telescope instruments

AMOS’ opto-mechanical expertise can also be harnessed in telescope instruments like spectrometers for example. AMOS can take full responsibility for the instrument’s structural parts, for optical assemblies or for instruments integration.

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