Applications Science and Industry Solutions

AMOS designs and builds various high-precision optical or mechanical assemblies for industry or science laboratories, including vacuum chambers for production lines, optical systems for laboratories, structures for handling heavy loads with high precision, and much more.

The commonalities to those systems are the high-precision and quality of assemblies required by the targeted application.

Items provided can include: manipulators, vacuum chambers, optical windows, precision positioning devices, complex metallic structure to hold instruments or equipment at a precise location, …

Industrial Applications

AMOS’ expertise finds applications in the industry and defense markets with high-precision optics and mechanics as well as vacuum or cryogenic chambers. Whenever there is a need for a custom solution designed to meet the strict need of a specific application, AMOS can study the solution and build a prototype of a solution to be used for line production.

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Scientific systems

Many scientific laboratories require dedicated setups. AMOS designs and manufactures custom made optical benches, components or mechanical assemblies for various science applications. Examples are: wind tunnel schlieren system, glove box manipulator; optical benches,…  Feel free to express your needs, we will be glad to explore the solutions with you!

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