Applications Space Systems

AMOS designs and builds optical space instruments, subsystems or optical and mechanical ground support equipment. It directly contributed to more than 40 space missions to this date.

Besides on-board hardware, AMOS delivers optical test equipment, large thermo-vacuum chambers for space environment testing as well as handling and hoisting equipment

On-board hardware

AMOS designs and delivers space-grade optics, telescope assemblies or instruments for space instruments, dedicated to earth observation, sun observatories, space observatories or deep-space missions. AMOS optics are valued for both for imaging and spectrographic observations.

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Test systems (GSE)

AMOS delivers collimators or other optical tests equipment (OGSE) for the validation of optical instruments. It also delivers large thermo-vacuum chambers for the test of instruments or complete satellite set-ups in space conditions. Equipment can thus be tested under vacuum or at atmospheric pressure and in a range of temperatures from a few Kelvin up to 150°C.

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Handling and integration systems

AMOS’ mechanical expertise is also used for the design and manufacture of handling and hoisting systems, for Mechanical Ground Support Equipment or for other fixtures. AMOS mechanics is qualified for space applications and meets the same level of quality as its optical counterpart.

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