project GICS (GSE for the Integration and Characterization of the SSDA)

The SSDA is an equipment of MTG program to be tested.

The GICS allows to imaging the objects in the focal plane of the tested element with a higher field of view. To realize the entire measurement of the element, the GICS is fixed to a MMS (Motorized Mechanical Support), which generates translations and rotations to address the chosen point with the right angle.
The measurements performed with the GICS allow to integrate the element and to characterize its geometrical performances.
The GICS works under dry air flushing at a very few level and hygrometry.

The development of the MOTA implies :

  • Optical design and analysis
  • Optomechanical analysis
  • Manufacture, integration and tests of mirrors, structure, optical bench and MMS


Published on 29.11.2018
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