project MGSEs for PLEIADES

Various MGSEs for Pléiades

Pléiades is a two-spacecraft constellation of CNES (French Space Agency ) whose main goal is to observe the Earth. In the scope of this project, AMOS was responsible for the design and the realisation of nine Mechanical Ground Support Equipment, allowing assembly, integration and test operations on the spacecrafts.

These equipments represent complex mechanical devices, also designed to work in harsh environments, especially regarding cleanliness and vacuum.

Amongst those are:

  • Lifting equipments, allowing the handling  of the different elements of the spacecrafts in stable and secure conditions
  • Equipment (wagon,…) designed to optimise assembly and integration phases of the spacecrafts
  • Test equipments (vibration or optical structures,…)

GSE Pleiades stands

  PLEIADES hoisting device


Published on 27.09.2018
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