project Vacuum production line for ARCEO

Vacuum production line for ARCEO

Amos was responsible for the conception and the manufacturing on behalf of the RDCS (Arcelor) of a complete line for the coating under vacuum of continuous steel sheets. The process itself and some industry-specific elements were provided by Arcelor. AMOS took those as inputs to design and build first the prototype production line and later parts of the fulll production line. The line is constituted by a set of vacuum vessels placed in series and realizing the following functions:

  • Continuous entrance of the sheet steel (lock chamber)
  • Etching of the sheet steel.
  • Application of a first deposit (Coating).
  • Cooling of the sheet steel (Cooling).
  • Application of the second deposit (Coating).
  • Continuous exit of the sheet steel (lock chamber)


Published on 27.08.2018
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