project ARCELOR vacuum chamber and SAS

ARCELOR vacuum chamber and SAS

ARCELOR chamberĀ – Cockerill Sambre

AMOS manufatured for ARCELOR – Cockerill Sambre, on the site of Ramet, a large vacuum tank (8mx5mx5m and 120 tons) used for the plating of metal sheets produced in a continuous mode.

ARCELOR Locks – Cockerill Sambre

Amos manufactured four vacuum vessels used for the entrance and exit lock chamber of the ARCEO (Arcelor) line for vacuum deposit. A steel band from 600 to 1400 mm wide and from 0,15 to 1,5 mm thick can go continuously from the atmospheric pressure to 1 10-6 to mbar through those vessels. The scrolling speed can vary from 0 to 30 meters per minute.


Published on 27.08.2018
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