news AMOS 2.5 m telescope now equipped with second largest astronomical camera in the world

First Light of the JPCam panoramic camera in Javalambre Astrophysical Observatory

Accelerating Universe Astrophysical Survey (J-PAS), as it brings the start of the scientific operations one step closer. JPCAM will survey the sky over 56 narrow bands in order to generate a three-dimensional map of the sky visible from Javalambre. JPCAM will participate to the J-PAS sky survey, which will generate data to be combined with those of the EUCLID space telescope on which AMOS contributed by providing Silicon Carbide mirrors and a large 1.2m diameter collimator.

This is also a great achievement for AMOS who designed, manufactured and installed the telescope on-site. “The first long exposures confirm the good quality of the telescope both in tracking and image quality” reported by Dr. Antonio Marín-Franch, researcher and observatory manager at CEFCA. Indeed even before optimization of the active optic control system with the recently installed JPCam, the optical quality is homogeneous over the 500 mm diameter focal plane corresponding to a field of view of 3 deg in diameter, while outstanding image quality was formerly measured over 30 arcmin diameter field of view with the so-called pathfinder camera.

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OAJ telescope


OAJ telescope equipped with JPCAM

JPCam First Light – OAJ

Published on 29.07.2020
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