news DAG telescope erected and M1 mirror delivered

The installation of the ATASAM DAG telescope at 3160m altitude, on the Karakay Hill near Erzurum, started in July 2022. Only five months later, the telescope mount erection is completed.

The 4m primary mirror arrived by plane on Saturday November 27th and was transferred on-site the day after.

This is a success for AMOS and ATASAM. After the winter, the telescope will be finalised, tested and commissioned, with a Final Acceptance foreseen in the second semester of 2022.

The DAG telescope is a showcase of AMOS mastership in active optic system. The primary mirror is a 4-tons deformable menuscus mirror supported by 66 pneumatic force actuators coupled to an hydraulic positioning system. The whole system is able to compensate for gravity effects, structure deformations, thermal effects on the structure and is also wind gusts and earthquake proof.

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Published on 30.11.2021
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