news AMOS successfully delivered to OHB SE the GESTA (GEometrical and Spectral Test Assembly).

AMOS successfully delivered to OHB SE an advanced optical ground support equipment (OGSE) for testing the next generation of meteorological satellites. GESTA (GEometrical and Spectral Test Assembly) is now being used for optical measurements and calibration of the IRS instrument (Infra-Red Sounder) part of the MTG-S (Meteosat Third Generation sounding satellites) developed and built by OHB SE.

During 1,5 month, GESTA will be extensively operated for an optical performance thermal vacuum test of the IRS done at CSL (Centre Spatial de Liege). AMOS was the prime contractor and developed a dedicated 4-mirror collimator (diameter of 400 mm) as well as the system support structure, all fully designed, manufactured and integrated by AMOS. As subcontractors, CSL developed a gas cell and gas exchange sub-system to project specific spectral signatures on the IRS while BERTIN Technologies provided a source assembly subsystem and MWIR/LWIR laser system to be able to geometrically calibrate the IRS.

In this contract, AMOS leveraged its main expertise as system integrator of opto-mechanical systems as well as in the manufacturing of high accuracy optical support & collimator assemblies.

The METEOSAT THIRD GENERATION space mission, MTG in short, is the new generation of European meteorological satellites, which will soon replace the Meteosat Second Generation spacecrafts in operation since 2002.

With twin satellites in orbit and new technologies on board, MTG will provide more accurate and more frequent data to greatly improve the quality of our daily weather forecasts. In particular, one of the twin satellites, MTG-S, will embark an Infra-Red Sounder (IRS) designed to provide 4-dimensional information on humidity, temperature and winds, with a spatial resolution of 4 km and a temporal resolution of 30 minutes. This will be particularly useful to improve warnings on location and intensity of thunderstorms.

Published on 30.03.2023
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