project UVIS Scan mirror (JUNO mission)

The Juno mission is part of the New Frontiers Program managed by NASA. Its primary goal is to study Jupiter, the giant gaseous planet whose formation and evolution remain largely unknown despite several previous space missions.

The spacecraft, in orbit since July 5th 2016, is investigating the planet’s origins, interior structure, deep atmosphere and magnetosphere. Juno’s study of Jupiter will help us to understand the history of our own solar system and provide new insight into how planetary systems form and develop in our galaxy and beyond.

UltraViolet Spectrograph (UVS)

With its suite of science instruments, Juno provides the first close look at Jupiter’s poles.

The « UltraViolet Spectrograph (UVS) » instrument allows to scan the giant ball’s surface and study its polar auroras. AMOS manufactured three high precision flat mirrors for the Principal Investigator of the mission, i.e. the Southwest Research Institute.

45° Flat Folding Mirror

Backside of folding mirror with mounting points

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Published on 20.10.2018
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